Welcome to our new executives, convenors and members

At our AGM on the Tuesday 15th March we welcomed new members to our executive and these are –

  • Patrick Van Weeren – President
  • David Woolley – Treasurer (returning)
  • Jeeban Poudel – Secretary
  • VP Community Engagement – Sara Wong (returning)
  • VP OSHC – Vanessa Bertagnole
  • VP Fundraising – Nazia Talib
  • VP Facilities – Bradley Hopkins

and our the P&C liaison officers are –

  • Tuckshop Convenor – Susan Tran
  • Swim Club – Moira Pryce (returning)
  • Uniform Shop – Maria Kastrissios (returning)
  • Grants – Mia Tran and Sean Hoobin
  • Traffic – Tennille Roach

We also want to welcome our new P&C office Staff

Moira Pryce as the Finance Officer and Liz Nichols as the Operations Manager. Need to contact our new executive or office staff? Please email the P&C office until we get new executive members and their P&C emails aligned.

Upcoming Events

Parent Skills Register

Do you have skills or experiences that you are happy to share please check out the Parents Skills Register and let us know.

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