Update on the HEPA filters and how to donate

Dear Parents & Carers

All 65 HEPA air filters have been installed and are being used in all classrooms and our P&C spaces. Because we acted very quickly, WESS is one of the first schools to have HEPA air filters in every classroom.

We have received many questions about how our parent and carer community can help replenish the spent P&C funds, and we thank you.

The P&C will gratefully receive donations to replenish our budget following the unplanned but necessary expenditure on the HEPA air filters.

The best way to donate for the HEPA air filters is to donate through the P&C Building Fund because any donation to this fund is tax deductible.

Why should I donate?

  • While the P&C purchased the HEPA air filters this was an unplanned cost that wasn’t budgeted for
  • Because of COVID-19 restrictions over the past few years, the P&C hasn’t been able to fundraise as effectively as previously and so the P&C budget is now reflecting this
  • Because of COVID-19 the P&C hasn’t requested much in the way of fundraising funds from the community over the past few years
  • If families donate to the P&C Building Fund their donation will be tax deductible!

To help us replenish the P&C budget, please consider a donation to the School Building Fund via

BSB: 064131 acc: 10140034 or  www.flexischools.com.au

Thank you for your ongoing and overwhelming support for our decision to install the HEPA air filters before school started.

P&C President, Donovan Marsh

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