Enrolling at WESS OSHC

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child into WESS OSHC.

WESS OSHC is currently fully booked for all days of After School Care in 2024. Any further booking requests and new enrolments will be placed on a waitlist.

Please Note: The Service requires at least 15 business days’ notice to process any new enrolment or bookings, so please take this into consideration. Your patience, cooperation and curtesy is appreciated.

All children attending WESS OSHC must be enrolled in the service for the current year. All families must also re-enrol their children for each new year. Due to limited bookings available the service only accepts children currently enrolled and attending West End State School.

Enrolment Forms:

Click here to register your interest

Enrolment Checklist:
– A clear photo of your child
– Current Immunisation History
– A completed Enrolment Form

Other documents that may be required if relevant:
– Child Court/Custody Orders
Custody Advice Form
– Medical/Asthma/Anaphylaxis Management Action Plan
Medical Risk Minimisation Form
– Appropriate Medication

Please ensure that all necessary information is provided, the service will not accept incomplete Enrolment Forms. If you require any extra forms to complete your enrolment go to the OSHC Forms and Documents Page.

For more information about the enrolment process, bookings, necessary documentation, and more please contact us at wessoshc@wesspandc.org

Why do we need so much information?
At WESS OSHC our priority is the safety of your child and our service must also ensure that we are compliant with the laws and regulations necessary under Early Childhood Education and Care.
As such, we ask that parents and guardians provide all information regarding your child, their medical needs and any family arrangements.