Monthly General Meetings

All members of the WESS community are welcome to attend the P&C’s monthly general meetings. Current P&C members are also permitted to vote on resolutions at P&C meetings. The P&C’s monthly general meetings are held during school terms as follows:

When:  Second Tuesday of each month (unless a holiday or outside school term)
Time:    5:30pm (nibbles) for a 6:000pm start
Place:   N Block Staff Room, Enter gate 12 – Ambleside Street
Online: Teams, you will receive a link via email before the meeting

Meeting process

To ensure our meetings are welcoming, enjoyable and streamlined for those who attend, and to ensure we have a clear process for members to propose P&C support for programs and initiatives, the P&C follows the following meeting processes:

  1. All reports will be circulated to members in writing with the agenda approximately 1 week prior to each monthly general meeting and are taken as read prior to the meeting – these will only be discussed if there are key highlights to bring to the attention of members, or there is a need for members to endorse a proposal:
  • The reports that will be pre-circulated with the agenda include:
    • Treasurer’s report
    • Operations Overview
      P&C Office
      Uniform Shop
      Community Engagement

2.  The call for agenda items will be circulated 2 weeks prior to each monthly meeting (the last Tuesday of the month), and the agenda will be finalised 1 week (7 days) prior to each P&C meeting.

  • No additional agenda items will be added after the due date for agenda items has closed.
  • All requests for P&C project support must be documented using the P&C Project Proposal form and received by the P&C Committee in time to be circulated with the P&C meeting agenda (See P&C project support proposal form instructions).

P&C Membership: How to Join

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