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The West End State School Parents & Citizens Association (WESS P&C) provides funding to support the education and wellbeing of the children of our school, and promotes programs and projects to create a strong, vibrant, connected and inclusive school community. WESS P&C members, school leadership team members, staff and students seeking financial support from the P&C for a project, program or event for an initiative that has not already been include in the annual budget (i.e. approved by members at an AGM) must complete and submit the proposal form below. The purpose of the form is to the provide the information needed by P&C members to assess the benefits and vote on each proposal and make an informed decision.


Proposals for P&C support will be circulated in writing – using the WESS P&C Project Support Proposal – with the agenda for the meeting at which the proposal will be discussed and voted. Must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the monthly P&C meeting, that is, by the last Tuesday of the month during school term.

  • If first approved by the Principal to be shared with P&C members, the Project Support Proposal will be circulated to P&C members with the agenda for the monthly P&C meeting at which the proposal will be discussed and voted (currently held on the second Tuesday of each month of each school term, at 6:00pm in the N Block staff room & online). 

  • Proposals for non-budgeted expenditure will only be raised at a P&C meeting when the completed Project Support Proposal form has been received in time for it to be circulated to members with the meeting agenda, and approved by the Principal to be sent to members.

  • Ideally, the person submitting the proposal should attend the monthly P&C meeting at which the proposal will be discussed and voted to answer questions from members prior to voting on the proposal. 

  • The completed Project Support Proposal form must be addressed to “the President” via email to

P&C Project Support Proposal (Word)

P&C Project Support Proposal (PDF)

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