Children’s Absences and Service Duty-of-Care

The Service has a strict legal duty-of-care to ensure that all children booked-into attend after-school care, arrive in a timely manner, or are properly accounted for. 

  • The Service and school are separate legal and business identities – while the Service may request an absence-list from the school-admin, we ALWAYS still need DIRECT confirmation of a child’s absence from their parent or an authorised pick-up person. Additionally, the school absence-list can sometimes be incomplete or incorrect.
  • You can email, text, or verbally notify the Service, though written notification is always preferred.
  • If a child does not arrive by 3:15pm, the Service will begin contacting the parents/guardians by phone-call and text.
  • If required, staff-members will also look around the school, and ask the school-admin to do an announcement over the PA-system.
  • If we cannot contact a parent, the Service may be required to call the Police, who may conduct their own welfare check.
  • All of this process also requires taking a staff-member away from children into the office, instead of being on the floor.
  • Children must arrive at the Before School Care or Vacation Care with a parent, guardian or other authorised person and be signed in.