OSHC Service and Program

To ensure that all children have equal access to a variety of experiences and resources in a safe, secure, and supportive environment, all aspects of the Service program, routine, and environment are guided by the principles outlined in the Service Philosophy and the outcomes of My Time Our Place

Service Program & Routine 

2024 Programs

The WESS OSHC program is based on the interests, ideas and needs of the children attending the service. We strive to assist the children in becoming life-long learners and members of our community by engaging in active, creative and social play.

By following the children’s interests in the program we are giving them a sense of belonging. We feel that this is extremely important in our service as there are so many children attending each day.

Over the session the children are free to choose their activity and change at any time. There are always opportunities to engage in creative or physical play and well as spaces for children to rest and relax. We allow the children to have a sense of being by following and extending on their own interests.

Before School Care

Before School Care focuses on calmly transitioning children between home and school. The service provides quiet activities including crafts, games and construction. For more information about the activities provided please see the programs above.

After School Care

After School care is generally split up into two segments, including a more structured first half, and a less structured second half,  to allow for both spontaneity and intentionality. For more information on the daily activities provided please see the programs above.

Vacation Care and Pupil-Free Days

Vacation Care offers similar activities and routine, with additional excursions and incursions (extra cost). Enrolled families will receive an email notification of when the Vacation Care Program and Bookings are available. For more information about Vacation Care, please go to the Vacation Care Page.

Service Menu

WESS OSHC now has a cook who is dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious food for the children at our service. Our Menu is designed to meet the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and “Healthy food and Drink Supply strategies for Queensland Schools”. WESS OSHC provide a variety of Fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and dairy throughout the day/week. Children who have known allergies, intolerances or preferences will be catered for by the service.

Children’s Safety

The safety of the children attending WESS OSHC is our priority. Before conducting any activities we ensure that a thorough Risk Assessment and Management Plan is created and followed. For a copy of our risk assessments please go to the Forms and Documents Page. We welcome parents to provide additional protective gear such as shin pads or mouth guards if they feel necessary. If you would like more information about the activities that are provided please see the Weekly Programs at the top of this page or this list of OSHC Activities.