Vacation Care

WESS OSHC provides care during the holiday period for students of West End State School. Before booking your child into our Vacation Care please ensure that they are enrolled in the service for the current year.

During Vacation Care we provide a range of activities including craft, sports, games, child-directed activities, incursions and excursions. For more details about the day-to-day activities please download the Booking Forms if available. You do not need to be enrolled in before / after school to enrol in Vacation Care, however you do need to enrol at the service (see button above).

Vacation Care Programs and Booking Forms are emailed to all enrolled parents 2-4 weeks before the school holidays begin and bookings are accepted on a first come, first serviced basis. If you are not enrolled at the service and would like to receive our emails please send us an email requesting to be added to the mailing list –


  • Spaces are limited and the service is expected to become fully booked before the above due date. Families will be placed on a waitlist if a booking is not available
  • A permanent Before or After School Care Booking does not guarantee a Vacation Care Booking.
  • INCURSION: Any children booked to attend on the incursion day will participate in the incursion and accounts will be charged accordingly. Children will be separated by age groups and attending the incursions on separate days.
  • EXCURSION: Any children booked to attend on the excursion day must provide a signed permission form in order to attend the service that day. Children must participate on the assigned excursion for their age group. Children are not permitted to attend any other excursion. All children booked in that day must attend the excursion.
  • Vacation Care Risk Assessments are available upon request.
  • Should any Excursions or Incursions be cancelled due to COVID-19 Lockdowns or under QLD Health Advice, any fees paid for the activity will be refunded to the family’s OSHC Account once notification of cancellation is received by the parent or guardian.
  • Children must attend West End State School and be enrolled with WESS OSHC for the current year to attend the Vacation Care..
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.